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Don’t Be Frightened…Know Your Neighborhood Before You Move In…

The wispy fog floated over the dark waters of the lake, and inched across a narrow two-lane road. Driving home, alone, tired, soothing relaxation brought about by a night spent with friends at a local bar. Heavy clouds obscured a full and bright moon. She walked on the gravel edge of a lonesome street bordered by lapping waters. Dressed in tumblr_lordikkgOp1qehxqmo1_1280white, dripping wet she turned to the oncoming car, distressed, and shivering from the autumn chill. What happened, why was she alone? He stepped on the brakes and let the vehicle coast to a stop. He leaned to the passenger side and rolled down the window.

“Miss, excuse me, are you okay? Do you need some help?”

She turned to face the driver, eyeliner and lipstick smeared from wetness, saturated red hair draped around a pale face. She trembled as she spoke.

“I swerved to miss the other car, it weaved in my lane, and I lost control, my car plunged into the lake.”

“Oh my God, are you alright? How can I help?” The startled driver asked.

Her breathing heavy she gazed past him towards the south.

“I live nearby. My father is probably worried sick. Would you mind taking me home?”

“No, of course not…where do you live?”

“Not far…a couple of miles…would you be so kind?”

“Yes of course.” He leaped out of the vehicle, circled the car, and opened the rear passenger door for her.

“Thank you” she said in a frail haunting voice.

He climbed in behind the steering wheel, flicked on windshield wipers to clear a thin condensation and turned down the volume of his radio, which now cracked and sputtered with heavy static.

“Where do you live?” He asked.

She sat shivering. Arms folded staring out the window at darkness. “Keep going straight until you reach Meadow Lake Lane, take a right, my home is the third home on the right.”

He continued south, his passenger remained quiet. He turned up the heat to counter the permeating chill. Streets empty, dark he turned at the third street, Meadow Lake lane. He slowed to count homes, all in shadows, monuments to a time past, until he came to a grand white washed clapboard Dutch Colonial house. All the windows enshrined in blackness, not a light on and not surprising at twelve thirty in the morning, he pulled into the gravel drive. As the car rolled to a stop, he turned off the headlights and turned to the back seat. She was sound asleep in a fetal position. He quietly exited the vehicle not to disturb her. He walked to the front door up front stairs to a  grand porch framed with white Doric columns, and he rang the doorbell. He waited a few minutes, lights flickered on, and the door slowly opened.

“Who’s out there?” A harsh voice asked from a cracked door.

“Hello” he said and gave his name. “I was driving home tonight sir, and found your daughter walking by the side of the road. She had an accident, her car went into the lake…she was lucky to survive.”

The door opened fully. His balding gray hair, much older than the driver had expected he wrapped his blue plaid robe tight around his body.

“What the hell are you talking about…have you been drinking?”

“Sorry to disturb you sir, I must have the wrong house. She must be confused.”

The man’s face went white. “Is this some kind of sick joke?”

“No sir she is asleep in my back seat, sopping wet in a white dress.”

The man leaned against the white washed wall, a single tear formed in his eye. “That can’t be…my daughter died twenty years ago, she lost control of her car and drove it into the lake…she was coming home from a school dance.”

“No she is here in the back seat.” He ran to his car and jerked the door open to find his leather seat wet and empty.

On October 18, 1967, Dallas talk show personality Chuck Boyles broadcasted an invitation to search for the “Lady of White Rock Lake.” Over a thousand Dallas youth came to area to search for this ghostly legend. Soon the police arrived to control the growing crowd to prevent the destruction of Cox Cemetery.

It is important for a Buyer to his/her homework, and research schools, property taxes, nearby shopping and more importantly the Texas Sex Offender registry to determine if a neighborhood is the right place to move your family. Have a happy and safe Halloween, and see ya down the road.


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