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Parents, Do Your Homework Before You Purchase That Home!

imagesCAASBR6MBuyers with children have many things to consider when purchasing a home. Everything from proper-gated barriers around swimming pools, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and the location of a master bedroom compared to the child’s bedroom are all-important concerns for parents when searching for a perfect abode. Unfortunately, these days there are outside dangers a parent must be aware of when choosing a new home. As of May 24, 2013, 503 registered sexual offenders live in Fort Worth neighborhoods and many more in adjacent counties. This is not a new phenomenon, these monsters have always been with us, with 24-hour newscasts and Amber alerts we hear of abductions much too frequently. Now we have the tools to track them and this knowledge is truly valuable for any parent. A Realtor cannot find this information for you; it is up to the Buyer to do the research. A good website to get this info is This is the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website and it provides all the data of offenders in different neighborhoods. The Buyer must look at the number and location of offenders as compared to the location of the new home. The site also provides outline information of the crimes so the Buyer can determine the extent of the threat.  You will also discover that some neighborhoods have more offenders than others. Parents need to educate themselves of all the potential dangers a new home and neighborhood might have. Do your homework! See ya down the road.


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