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A charming find in North Keller

There is nothing more charming than the older neighborhoods of North Keller. Within the Cross Timbers forest of post oaks, black-jack oaks, hickory and elms, lie some beautiful well established neighborhoods with orderly homes built in the 70’s and 80’s.  Back in the day the Comanche used to roam this area of north Texas, now the only Indians that inhabit these parts are the Keller Indians football team.  On a side street just off of Person Road north of Florence Road is one of these small neighborhoods. Take a right on Texas Trail then the only left onto Cimarron Circle and you will find the home located on 1015 Cimarron Drive. This home built in 1976 is 2,356 square feet based on tax records and is a hidden gem. The home is sunken back on a gentle slope and is engulfed with wild post oaks. I had the opportunity to preview this home the other day.

This is not my listing so I am free to give a non-bias review. The first things you notice when you walk through the front door are the wood floors. The wood stretches through a good portion of the home. The walls are smooth and clean and painted in muted earth tones that give the home a distinct Texas flavor. The one living area overlooks the wooded back yard and has a stunning lit bookshelf and a large sunroom to the rear. The home features three bedrooms a large utility room that doubles as a pantry and a nice open kitchen. The home has some very nice upgrades, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry and a large updated master shower. Even with all of the upgrades the home still does need some work. Most of the ceilings are still popcorn textured a style that was popular during the late 70’s and 80’s and even to the early 90’s. The master bath has some nice light fixtures however the plumbing fixtures need upgrading throughout the home. The price for this home $275,000 is a little steep and it has only been on the market for ten days. I did a comprehensive market analysis the resulting  price should be in the $240,000 neighborhood. Still all prices are negotiable and the longer it stays on the market the lower the price will go. There are just too many other houses at that price range that offer more.  However if you are willing to play the negotiating game this might be the home for you. If you are interested please give me a call at (817)903-9425. See ya down the road.


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