Helping Buyers and Sellers with North Texas Real-Estate

Searching for a home in North Texas? Take a good hard look at Grapevine!

The hands on the clock approach noon. In the distance the wail of a steam engine. Two cowboys come strolling into town, each separate but each with a similar goal, to rob the train and escape with a fortune. Well of course I’m talking about one of Grapevine’s new attractions, Nat and Willy and the Grapevine Glockenspiel located at the Cotton Belt Hotel Clock Tower. At noon and 6 pm they emerge to tell their ill-fated story. Grapevine, Texas has it all which makes it a wonderful place to find a home. Located between Dallas and Fort Worth and conveniently near DFW airport Grapevine offers big city amenities with a small town atmosphere. During the spring, the streets of downtown Grapevine turn into a festival called Main Street Days. In the fall Grape Fest takes center stage to celebrate Grapevine’s roots (pun intended), grapes and wine. Just before Thanksgiving Grapevine turns into a Christmas wonderland and is known as the Christmas capital of Texas, something that would make Santa proud. There is never a dull moment in Grapevine.

If you like the feel of a small town stroll down the streets of old down town. If you want modern shops and restaurants go to Grapevine Mills. The public schools in Grapevine are highly rated and the average price for a home is $235,000. If you would like a modern home Grapevine has that, if you prefer a historic home Grapevine also has that and everything in between. Grapevine Lake provides for an excellent boating and fishing experience. If you are moving to North Texas or just looking for a new home, you can’t go wrong with Grapevine.


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